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Tanya Watson
Tanya Watson (born Visser) is a creative, free-spirited soul with a passion for life. Born in Namibia 31 or so years ago, Tanya now permanently resides in George where she lives with her husband Ashley and (spoilt-rotten) cats Mona Lisa and Siphokazi.
Her friends and family - a diverse group of crazy, artistic, lovable, one-of-a-kind people - are the centre of her universe.

A fast talker and fast thinker, Tanya enjoys reading and writing and never knows when to stop talking!
She also loves photography, sleeping late and the smell of rain.
Her pet hates include very hot weather, arrogant people and spiders - of ANY shape and size.

12:08 (GMT+2), Thu, 20 April 2017
When was the last time you did something for someone else?   Something selfless, something you didn't want anything in return for? Be honest...    It's not so easy, I know, but man, that feeling you get when you do - nothing beats it!   Watch this video below - maybe...
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13:57 (GMT+2), Tue, 28 March 2017
I grew up in an artistic home. My parents love art, and have been collecting it for years. And since a young age, I've was drawn to Vincent van Gogh's art.In high school, I 'copied' his paintings every chance I got - my favourite by far was 'Starry Night'.It's like you could feel his emotion...
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Tell my mistakes to me
11:41 (GMT+2), Thu, 09 March 2017
No matter who you are, where you work or what you do, there will always be someone who talks about you behind your back. I'm not really one to concern myself with what others have to say, but a friend of mine was honestly hurt and unfairly judged when someone she works with told their boss that...
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21:39 (GMT+2), Wed, 15 February 2017
Today was one of 'those days'. Everything annoyed me, nothing wanted to work the way I wanted it to and every time the phone rang I wanted to throw the stupid thing against the wall. Didn't really help that it was so damn hot either!  And then, on my way home - irritated and bothered - a blind...
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Pay attention
11:04 (GMT+2), Wed, 08 February 2017
Are you good at paying attention? If not, do you think you should be worried about your attention span? Here's a way to find out... complete this quiz to find how bad you really at paying attention  Find the quiz here. Apparently I have a really short attention span! (I'm not...
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